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Carrying out an Electoral Register Search is fast, straightforward and there are a combination of both free and paid for results available. Maybe you need to find a missing person,  or check you are registered on the Electoral register or find out who lived at a certain address at a certain time. An electoral register search can be made for  the years 2000 right up to 2012 and is quick, easy, accurate and costs just a few pence if no free results are available.

What is the Electoral register?

The electoral register is simply a list of every person in the UK that is entitled to vote in general and local elections. This is basically everybody that is aged 18 or older that is a UK citizen and currently not serving a prison sentence.

The electoral register is created for each electoral registration area and has two formats. The full version of the electoral register is made available for supervised inspection by anybody, the edited version of the electoral register can be searched by anyone for any purpose.

192 offer a very fast and easy to use electoral register search service (see the banners and search boxes throughout this site) You can search for a person using the electoral register by name, age, occupation etc which helps to make searches very fast and accurate.

Try a search now, its free to try and thousands of  results are freely available as well!

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How  can I do an Electoral Register Search?

Doing your own Electoral Register Search is very easy using 192’s great online service. All you need is the person you are trying to find name. You can do a nationwide UK electoral register search or limit the search to a particular area, for example a 19 mile radius of Doncaster.

Electoral register searches are fast, accurate and only costs a few pence if no free results can be found. You can search from the year 2000 to 2012.